How To Choose the Right HVAC Contractor

Choosing the right HVAC contractor is crucial for saving time and money. There are many important factors and characteristics for choosing the right HVAC contractor.

Ask Questions: This is significant in finding a reputable and honest contractor who knows what they are doing.

    • Are you registered or licensed by the state to do the heating and/or ac work?
    • Are you a member of a national trade association?
    • Do you offer 24 hour service?
    • Do you have a refund policy if I am not satisfied?
    • What certifications do you and your technicians have?
    • Are you a part of the Better Business Bureau?
    • Do you have a permanent non-residence place of business?

Read Customer Reviews: In this day and age more and more people are using the internet to voice their experiences with services that they have received. Businesses rely on customers to talk about their positive experience with the services that they had provided.

Choose A Licensed Contractor: Look for a contractor that has a state license to do the work that they advertise.
*We are licensed with the state of South Carolina

Check Certifications: The North American Technician Excellence or ACCA-The Indoor Environment & Energy Efficiency Association have the stringent test standards and require continuing education.
*We are certified with The Indoor Environment & Energy Efficiency Association.

Ask For Referrals: Talking to your friends and family that have had past experience with HVAC contractors will greatly influence your decision on who to go with.

At Tweedy’s we value each and every customer that we come into contact with. We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau and believe in being up front and honest with each and every customer.

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